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Spelling Bee Archive

top 3 winners (2020)

In 2020, we began a tradition of annual schoolwide Spelling Bees. These Bee's not only aid in academically enriching our student's, but they also emphasize the importance of good study habits and display the essence of school morale. Below you'll find memories on the many students who have left their mark and were exemplary in regards to what a roaring Ascot Lion can achieve with dedication and the support of their pride!

Ascot Championship Bee 2020

  • Location: Ascot Auditorium
  • Time:  1:00 PM
  • Judges/Pronouncers: Dr. Ortiz & Ms. Carranza
  • Competitors: Sebastian Vazquez (K), Diego Delgado (1st), Rebecca Gonzalez (2nd), Darlyn Flores (3rd), Jacobb Prado (4th), & Hector Estrada (5th)
National Spelling Bee