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Black Students Matter

Black student matter
First 9 Acts of Urgency

  1. All Local District Central schools will connect each Black student with a device, a hotspot/connectivity and support and guidance as appropriate with the purpose of successful engagement. 


  2. All Local District Central principals will connect and engage every Black student and their family with the purpose of cultivating positive relationships.


  3. All Local District Central schools will host monthly meetings beginning September 2020 with Black families with the intention of advocacy, engagement and inclusivity. 


  4. All Local District Central principals will ensure that their respective teams connect and engage with every Black student at the five week and fifteen week grading periods in order to provide support, monitor their social emotional needs, academic access, and classroom/course placement with the purpose of ensuring the dismantling of discriminatory practices that perpetuate the failure of Black students. 


  5. All Local District Central principals with the support of the COS Administrator will develop success indicators and a scorecard to determine the implementation of school wide practices that promote opportunities for Black students to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.


  6. All LDC schools will identify at least one adult staff member who will serve as an advocate/ co-conspirator for Black students at the school. This person must be someone who relates well to Black students in having had personally experienced similar racist constructs and/or someone who demonstrates deep seeded empathy and compassion for Black students, and through their actions, is seen or perceived by Black students as being synonymous to an antiracist. The site-selected person must be interested in and move toward securing safe spaces and providing various platforms for Black student voice. All schools must submit this information to the Director.


  7. All LDC schools will package and publicize positive work by Black students/families on the landing page of their website, the front page of school newsletters, and/or other correspondence to the student body and families. Information should be updated at least monthly and should be on-going. 


  8. All LDC schools will connect one or more The Acts of Urgency for our Black students to every Professional Development conducted at their respective schools, i.e. How to have courageous conversations around anti-racism and how that will look; book reads around racism, unconscious biases and how it affects teaching and perpetuates systemic racism in schools; Culturally Relevant Teaching; content around Standard English Learners. 


  9. All LDC schools will provide Black students and the entire student body, on-going culturally responsive and relevant activities that specifically celebrate the customs, traditions, holidays and peoples of Black students.